Bad bitcoin mining rig build

Nicehash, famous American mining pool seems to have been hacked, according to online data, a good bad bitcoin mining rig build million USD disappeared overnight. AMD Radeon Adrenalin Edition 18. Display Driver Uninstaller Download version 17.

Intel HD graphics Driver Download Version: 15. Corsair Utility Engine Download v2. AMD Radeon Adrenalin Edition 17. Destiny 2, 60hz monitor, Gsync. Capping at 58fps for lower input lag? Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition 18. MSI gaming app and MSII afterburner?

NH mining pools are offline. 4736 bitcoins on Wednesday, currently, that entails a total value of 51 million euros, roughly 56 million USD. However, if the user’s wallets have been emptied, this will be amounting to almost 56 million dollars, and that seems to have been transferred towards one BTC address. Many people are very worried since official confirmation is still lacking, a possible hack remains unconfirmed. Bitcoin reached 12,000 dollars per Bitcoin today.

We are currently investigating the nature of the incident and, as a result, we are stopping all operations for the next 24 hours. We are working to verify the precise number of BTC taken. Clearly, this is a matter of deep concern and we are working hard to rectify the matter in the coming days. In addition to undertaking our own investigation, the incident has been reported to the relevant authorities and law enforcement and we are co-operating with them as a matter of urgency. We would not exist without our devoted buyers and miners all around the globe. We understand that you will have a lot of questions, and we ask for patience and understanding while we investigate the causes and find the appropriate solutions for the future of the service. While the full scope of what happened is not yet known, we recommend, as a precaution, that you change your online passwords.

We are truly sorry for any inconvenience that this may have caused and are committing every resource towards solving this issue as soon as possible. HAHAHAHAHAHHA, been waiting for something like this to happen. You should see the amount of CPU mining people are doing for uploaders of compressed torrents of games. 7k cpu to cpu mine, but not games. Brings back the whole 2007 Crysis piracy reasoning crap. I can only laugh a lot! 13K atm, WTF WTH DEAR JEASUS CHRIST WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!

Will this criptomining bubble ever going to burst? GPU’s thanks to this mining craze, doesn’t matter if you’re a miner or a gamer. Now after seeing this Bitcoin madness going even higher I really don’t know what to think anymore. Hacking is not unheard of in the cryptocurrency world – this is just the latest.

GPUs are used to mine Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies, not Bitcoin. 56M is that how much ppl kept at nicehash. Who the F keeps his wallet at some website? Nicehash is multi mining pool, no? If you wanna play with your mined mickeymouse coins, you send them to their mickeymouse wallets.

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