Bitcoin atms for sale

Na bitcoin atms for sale doméně se nic nenachází. Looking for used Bitcoin ATMs?

Sometimes ATM owners need to sell their devices. Perhaps one is right for you! Do you have a Bitcoin ATM you need to sell? Check out the links below for some of the best Bitcoin ATM resources on the Internet. We hope you will find them helpful! The Bitcoin ATM Project’s vision is to have a cryptoATM in every neighborhood across the United States – be part of it. Investors will be allowed to vote in polls and participate in company board meetings online to give their feedback on which altcoins should be added next as well as decide on future ATM locations.

The goal is to provide accessibility to Bitcoin ATMs to everyone across the United States by placing them in enough locations that they are reasonably close enough for anyone to access and use. Currently there is a large need for these ATMs in the U. 13 states don’t have any machines, and at least 10 other states only have a small handful. The Project plans on targeting these areas first, the highest populated areas furthest away from any current machines, and then they plan on taking over the market in every other area by having the lowest competitive fees. ATMs as quickly as they can be received from the manufacturer.

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