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A new monero mining malware is spreading via Facebook Messenger in Korea, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, and Venezuela. 94790 single-format-standard new-cryptocurrency-mining-bot-is-infesting-facebook-messenger global-block-template-1 td-magazine bitcoin bot wpb-js-composer js-comp-ver-5.

Cyber security researchers found a new type of malware spreading across the world via the Facebook Messenger app. This malicious bot is using the many computers it has infected to mine cryptocurrency for its unscrupulous developers at the expense of users. Facebook Messenger, which they named Digmine. First observed in South Korea, Digmine has already been found in Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, and Venezuela.

The bot is spreading very fast, using hijacked systems to infect more computers like a virus, and is therefore expected to have reach other countries where it previously remained hidden. Digmine is sent to victims masquerading as a link to a video file when it is actually an executable script. It affects Facebook Messenger’s desktop and web versions using the Goggle Chrome browser. Once in control of Chrome, it uses the browser to download additional tools for its clandestine mining operation. In addition, if the user’s Facebook account is set to log in automatically, Digmine will hijack Messenger to spread the the file to all of the account holder’s friends.

The researchers shared their findings with Facebook which removed many of the links to Digmine from its messenger app. We maintain a number of automated systems to help stop harmful links and files from appearing on Facebook and in Messenger. If we suspect your computer is infected with malware, we will provide you with a free anti-virus scan from our trusted partners. Has your computer ever been hijacked for crypto mining? Let us know in the comments section below. Need to calculate your bitcoin holdings? Avi Mizrahi is an economist and entrepreneur who has been covering Bitcoin as a journalist since 2013.

He has spoken about the promise of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology at numerous financial conferences around the world, from London to Hong-Kong. Sign up for the Bitcoin . Bitcoin News delivered to you! First, Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan Chase says he regrets calling bitcoin a fraud. Now, legacy bank Goldman Sachs is formally recognizing how cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin could act as global money.

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