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The National Bank brand was retired in 2012, with a number of branches closing and others converting to ANZ branches. In addition to operations throughout Australia and New Zealand, ANZ also operates in 34 other nations. Sustainability Index making it the 2nd year in a row ANZ has been granted the title. ANZ was established on 1 October bitcoin group asx file, when the Bank of Australia merged with the Union Bank of Australia Limited.

1 December 2009 ANZ officially gain full ownership of ING Australia. RBS’ acquisition of the Dutch bank in 2009. Announces retirement of the National Bank brand in New Zealand. ANZ acquires REALas property price predictor start-up.

Tianjin City Commercial Bank in July 2006. It also negotiated a similar deal with Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank. Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia and Hong Kong, as well as RBS’si banking businesses in Taiwan, the Philippines and Vietnam. As of September 2012, the company had a total of 1,337 branches worldwide. In 2016, ANZ adopted less aggressive approach to expansion in the Asia-Pacific region after low returns. ANZ also signalled a withdrawal from its “Asian pivot”.

ANZ have been progressively increasing work output from offshore offices. ANZ’s Bangalore office has been operational since 1989, making it one of the first organisations to employ IT staff based in India. 1500 IT positions, 2000 positions in Payments and Institutional Operations and International and High Value Services and 1300 positions in Operations Personal Banking have been shifted from Melbourne to India. In 2006, ANZ predicted that by 2010, over 2000 jobs would have been shifted from Australia to Bangalore. In 2012, ANZ transferred 360 permanent staffs from Melbourne and Bangalore to Capgemini. All these staff worked in the Technology Testing and Environment Space. As ANZ CIO Anne announced earlier that ANZ want a Hybrid model of technology in order to achieve the 2017 Technology roadmap.

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