Bitcoin jamie dimon jp

60465 single-format-standard after-the-boss-calls-bitcoin-a-fraud-jp-morgan-buys-the-dip global-block-template-1 td-magazine single_template_2 wpb-js-composer js-bitcoin jamie dimon jp-ver-5. XBT shares, otherwise known as exchange-traded-notes, that track the price of Bitcoin. After a Few Harsh Statements from Executive Jamie Dimon, JP Morgan Ltd.

According to public records of Nordnet trading logs, the two associated firms JP Morgan Securities Ltd. Morgan Stanley bought roughly 3M euro worth of XBT note shares. Interestingly after the recent regulatory crackdown in China, and the statements from JP Morgan’s senior executive Jamie Dimon talking trash about bitcoin, his firm bought the dip on September 15. Barclays, the JP Morgan team of buyers purchased the most XBT notes.

These bitcoin-based ETNs track bitcoin price movements against the Euro and USD. 2017 following suit with bitcoin’s meteoric price spike. 2013 and was rejected 175 times. Former JP Morgan derivatives executive, Blythe Masters, is all about the Blockchain hype. Additionally, former JP Morgan executives are all about blockchain technologies these days and even bitcoin. Whether Jamie Dimon wants to admit it or not his firm was trading bitcoin-based notes after his statements.

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