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Wall Street to Splash out Year-end Bonuses on Bitcoin? In the past week, headlines circulated suggesting that South Korea, one of the largest bitcoin markets in the world, would impose a ban on cryptocurrency trading. Taking Crypto Seriously The report was the firm’s first exploration of bitcoin’s possible use as a currency and was written primarily by analysts Zach Pandl and Charles Himmelberg for the clients of the company. Spearheading the movement is Taskforce Blockchain, a group led by the country’s Finance and Economic and Education ministers, Ueli Maurer and Johann Schneider-Ammann. A back of the envelope prediction is an informal calculation that uses estimates to attain a figure. One of the many uses of Blockchain technology is in the area of record keeping and secure data storage. Madeline Eden, a Bitcoin advocate, Blockchain developer and politician currently running for Congress, is looking to clean up the United States electoral systems through the distributed ledger technology.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has declared his intentions to enact laws that will comprehensively regulate the cryptocurrency markets very soon. Crypto Legislation on the Cards The no-nonsense Russian president Vladimir Putin has made it clear that his regime is not ready for half-baked crypto regulations going forward. Hyundai Merchant Marine, one of the largest shipping exporters in the Asian Pacific, has reportedly completed a successful test run of its blockchain-based pilot program. Making Waves with Blockchain The news came through a press statement released on December 21, 2017, by Samsung SDS, the company that helped implement the system.

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