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Digital photography is now part of everyday life, but most of us still have treasured collections of prints from film cameras stashed away bitcoin mining gpu setup yahoo albums. These old photographs can be easily damaged, and would be impossible to replace, so why not take a little time to preserve them? You can repair minor damage easily using free image-editing software, and if they are still in good condition you can make sure they stay that way.

Then you need to choose where to save them. Flickr, which offers a generous amount of storage completely free. Before you scan your pictures, wipe each one gently with a dry microfibre cloth to remove any dust that would appear in the scans. To avoid marking them with fingerprints, only hold them by the edges.

Also clean your scanner bed to remove dirt or fingermarks. You can do this using the dry cloth again, or apply a tiny amount of alcohol or glass cleaner to it first. Now line up your first picture carefully on the scanner bed. You’ll notice arrows beside the glass indicating the correct way to position photos.

Most scanners have a dedicated setting for scanning photos, so select this if you can. 300dpi, or higher if you’d like to order new prints in the future. It has more of a learning curve than apps like Photoshop Express, but will give much better results. Download’ button, and then select the option to download it directly. It’s a large file, so this might take a while. Once the setup file has downloaded, give it permission to make changes to your computer, confirm the language as English and click ‘Install’.

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