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Game developer and publisher Epic is taking cheaters to court over copyright infringement, but it doesn’t stop there. In bitcoin mining setup youtube new case filed with a California, the company is also suing a man for distributing a cheat that’s actually a Bitcoin miner.

PC and other platforms, generating massive interest among gamers. The release also attracted attention from thousands of cheaters, many of whom were subsequently banned. This week the North Carolina-based game developer continued its a war against cheaters. One of the defendants is a Swedish resident, Mr.

He created a cheat and promoted it in various videos, adding instructions on how to download and install it. In common with the previous defendants, he is being sued for copyright infringement. The second cheater listed in the complaint, a Russian man named Mr. All the videos have since been removed following takedown notices from Epic. Through the lawsuit, the game developer now hopes to get compensation for the damages it suffered.

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