Bitcoin nyc

Home of NYC’s Bitcoin Community! Visit Bitcoin Center NYC to learn more about Bitcoin bitcoin nyc use our Bitcoin ATM from D. Bitcoin Center NYC Home of NYC’s Bitcoin Community! Be sure to join our Meetup.

Twitter, and like our page on Facebook to ensure you always have the latest details on upcoming events. NYC’s Satoshi Square Meetup Returns! Bitcoin Center NYC’s Iconic Satoshi Square Join us for an evening of speakers, cryptocurrency discussion, and peer-to-peer trading. Every guest will receive a raffle ticket. Speakers: Nick Spanos, Co-founder Zap. Today marks the 9th anniversary of the genesis block of the bitcoin blockchain.

0 was mined on January 3rd, 2009 at 1:15pm and the world has irreversibly changed. The value of all bitcoins combined is now over a quarter trillion dollars. Which leaves many wondering — how did we get here? Coming in the middle of this month, November of 2017, Bitcoin will be undergoing what is possibly the largest hard fork to date. Whether it makes sense or not, the upcoming hard fork that is expected next month may be boosting Bitcoin’s price. 5,000 before the fork, reaching all time highs and reached more all time highs afterwards as well.

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