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Merry Btc tradingview bitcoin and Happy Holidays to you all! Jelurida’s gift of free IGNIS tokens will occur on December 28th!

Learn how the Austrian government is using Nxt, seven exchanges announced support for the IGNIS Airdrop, Ardor looks for a US-based team to develop for Ardor, Travin Keith announced he will host a trading webinar and more await you this week! We welcome back our old readers and warmly welcome our new ones. The cryptosphere is a large, complex, and largely mysterious place for most people and we at Nxter are changing that. Ignis blockchain community so you can make informed decisions and impress your coworkers at the upcoming holiday parties. Lean back and enjoy the important crypto news from last week! What Good is Ignis, Anyway? Looking for a Developer to Join a U.

Are New Platforms Threatening The Hegemony Of Bitcoin And Ethereum? NXT, are you ready for the real Breakout? Here’s why it’s about to Skyrocket! This week’s newsletter is put together by James, Jose, apenzl, and rubenbc. Jelurida announced that the Nxt Snapshot will occur at block height 1636363 on December 28th.

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