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Bitcoin Scalability Workshops for Engineering and Academic community. There exists a number of independent or academic researchers that could be helpful to the process but are unlikely to attend due to cost. 1,500 USD per person for airfare and hotel to the workshop of an estimated 15 persons. The intent is for independence and a diversity of views to dan boneh bitcoin represented in a professional manner, some of which may disagree with the views of the sponsors.

Those who work at a company engaged in a related business are expected to cover their own travel expenses. Exceptions could be made on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the sponsors. We are accepting technical proposals for improving Bitcoin performance including designs, experimental results, and comparisons against other proposals. We are accepting two types of proposals: one in which accepted authors will have an opportunity to give a 20-30 minute presentation at the workshop, and another where accepted authors can run an hour-long interactive workshop. All as related to the scalability of Bitcoin. We are doing rolling acceptance, so submit your proposal as soon as you can. Proposals may be submitted as a BIP or as a 1-2 page extended abstract describing ideas, designs, and expected experimental results.

Indicate in the proposal whether you are interested in speaking, running an interactive workshop, or both. If you are interested in running an interactive workshop, please include an agenda. All talks will be livestreamed and published online, including slide decks. How do the Workshops work? Events are live-streamed with remote participation facilitated via IRC for parallel online discussion and passing questions to the event.

These workshops aim to facilitate the existing Bitcoin Improvement Proposals process. Most work will be done outside of the workshops in the intervening months. The workshops serve to be additive to the design and review process by raising awareness of diverse points of view, studies, simulations and proposals. Travel, venue details, accommodation recommendation are available below. Please visit Stanford Lodging Guide for the list of hotels and prices. Take the Embarcadero Road exit west – toward Stanford. At El Camino Real, Embarcadero turns into Galvez Street as it enters the Stanford campus.

Stay in the left lane and continue toward the center of campus. Exit Sand Hill Road east toward Stanford. Continue east, turning right at the traffic light on Santa Cruz Avenue. Make an immediate left onto Junipero Serra Boulevard. Turn left at the second traffic light and onto Campus Drive East. Continue around Campus Drive East and turn left when you reach Serra Street, at the gas station. Follow Serra Street until it ends at Galvez Street.

Exit El Camino Real at University Avenue. As you enter Stanford, University Avenue becomes Palm Drive. Go through one traffic light, and turn left onto Campus Drive at the first stop sign. We are sorry, but the event has been sold out. You will still be able to participate via the live stream, IRC, and Twitter. Due to space limitations, we will not be able to admit anyone at the door.

MIT to see if there are any student tickets available. Academic Supporting Organizations have a number of tickets reserved for full-time students. You are responsible for identifying your own personal visa requirements to enter USA. If you need a letter of invitation, please correspond with aberke at stanford.

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