Ethereum bitcoin dump

The Ethereum bitcoin dump-based Blockchain and Ecosystem. 2 7 7 0 2. We’ve put together a list of answers for the most frequently asked questions. What are Luna NIM and what is the Luna Testnet for?

Luna is the second version of our Testnet. The NIM you mine or transact in the Testnet are Luna NIM. Luna NIM hold no intrinsic value and are used only for testing. Where can I trade NET? How does NET become NIM? NIM will be the token used in the Nimiq Blockchain. This application will let you create a wallet in the Nimiq Blockchain, respective NIM will be added to that address in the Genesis Block.

Nimiq is a Browser-based Blockchain designed for simplicity. Nimiq’s reason of existence is to bring the benefits of blockchain technology to humankind. To achieve that purpose Nimiq has been built from the ground up to conquer the barriers that inhibit the mainstream adoption of blockchain technologies. Nimiq is encompassed by a strong philanthropic mindset, it will always remain open-source and community-driven. What sets Nimiq apart from Bitcoin, Ethereum et al?

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