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These exclusive photos and videos of actual flying fortresses as well as the story behind it. Those are some awesome pics! I like real history more. Thats worse than Hughes Spruce goose! My favourite is the Nazi UFO. You really missed something, my friend.

I don’t speak of this matter often because people do not believe me, but let me tell you, you have not experienced anal probe until you experience alien anal probe. Talk about advanced technology . They have given me an appointmentfor later today. No AAP at weekends, apparently. After that just a simple brain wipe and I can come down to earth again. UFOs wireless router would have it’s security enabled.

Sorry but if you mean german flying saucer then you should know that is not secret anymore. Second factory was in Poland. The factory in Eger was found underground close to the airport. There is many pictures taken in 1943 on Kbely Airport Prague, where those flying saucers was tested.

In 2005 Czech National TV station found eyewitnesses of those tests and made documentary about this secret weapon. After WW2 some parts were taken to USA and Canada. Did the real one actually flew? I can see that whoever did the modern drawings knows nothing about aircraft design.

Those landing gear alone would keep it firmly rooted to the ground. Константином Калининым был закрыт в 38 году после того как прототип разбился на испытательном полете. Every evil villain needs a flying fortress, no? Where else will he keep his pool of sharks and Persian cat? Soviet Russian engineering is crap. Soviet and Russian engineering is one of the finest in the world, its just we never boast about it, we follow the ethics, not the marketing.

Good luck with the achievements, hope you can make it up to our level. As a aeroplanes engenieer i must say that such engines would never carry even a quatter of this plane. I just dont understand why you all people fight each other without a reason. This 6 engine behomoth is just right for passengers, for which it was designed. Though it was a bit ahead of its time and possibly produced in just one number. I’ve seen it elsewhere, with the comment that the windows in the wing leading edge were for passenger views. Some of the perhaps-not-so-far-fetched ideas were as a bomber, a troop transport, a VIP carrier, and even a means of transporting heavy artillery through air.

2nd flight, the behemoth crashed, killing the crew and I beleive several passerby on the ground. I’d tell you more, but that’s y’alls homework for today. If you assume that it was flying unescorted. Why would it fly unescorted? What did you fly man? I was there in 1997.

I kind of agree, now that I’ve read the guy’s hysterical response. Hey viperman, did your plane also have space-lasers? Oh, must have for 0. Does this thing really fly?

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