Hyip accepting bitcoin

Please forward this error screen to 198. Please forward hyip accepting bitcoin error screen to 45. A Pick n Pay in Cape Town, South Africa is testing the use of Bitcoin as a payment method. It will be powered by Luno and Electrum.

Cape Town based specialist software payments company. Electrum is also calling this payment method a potential world first for a major grocery retail store. So how will it work? Pick n Pay using Bitcoin, the checkout process is quite simple. First, you walk around the shop and pick what you’d like to buy for example some dried fruit. Once you’re satisfied that you’ve got what you want, head over to the checkout point.

The cashier will scan the product as usual. Now, the process changes, the cashier will then select your payment method as Bitcoin and a QR code will be printed. While that is happening, you’ll open up your mobile Bitcoin wallet app, select the scan option and point your device camera to the QR code that would have been printed to scan it. Once you’ve scanned the QR code, you’ll be shown the amount of Bitcoin that you’ll spend in that transaction and if you’re satisfied then it’s as simple as clicking pay and your Bitcoin will be spent on dried fruit. Bitcoin company, active in Southeast Asia and Africa, and with an office in Cape Town.

Luno makes it easy for South African consumers and others to easily buy, sell, send and spend Bitcoin. If you were to be paying for goods at Pick n Pay using Bitcoin, this would be the easiest Bitcoin wallet for you to use as it is the one they used in their demo video. We mentioned that the system is powered by Luno’s infrastructure, what does that mean? Apart from the Bitcoin wallet app Luno being used, when the cashier selects Bitcoin as the payment method, the system talks to Luno for it to get the QR code.

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