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That estate had been vast, italy eyal bitcoin news, a half-century after the composer’s death in 1924, it had been bled down and become enmeshed in competing claims, which would continue to be contested into this century. Once it was decided that she was Puccini’s granddaughter and was granted the right to use the family name, Ms.

Puccini, while continuing to be entangled in legal disputes over the estate, became her grandfather’s flame keeper. In 1979, she and several others founded the Institute for Puccini Studies to promote research about him and help maintain his archive. She also won control of the lakeside villa in Torre del Lago, in Tuscany, where Puccini lived and composed some of his operas. It had been in disrepair, and in 1996 she created Friends of the Homes of Giacomo Puccini, a nonprofit organization that raised money to restore and maintain the villa and the museum there. She also established the Simonetta Puccini Foundation to promote scholarship and other causes. Puccini became a sort of good-will ambassador for all things Puccini, attending performances of his operas and exhibitions devoted to him in Italy, the United States and elsewhere.

Handt said by email from that town. The conductor Alberto Veronesi, president of the foundation that stages the annual Puccini festival in Torre del Lago, which has been going since 1930, said in a video message for Ms. She always supported us and guided the activity of the foundation. I intend to cherish what I learned from her and to do my best to keep the great work of her grandfather vibrant and alive. Puccini leaves no immediate survivors. Neither does Giacomo Puccini, as least officially, although claimants surface from time to time. Puccini had a son from an affair and descendants through that line.

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