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I asked life to give me a man who’d always love me, so life laughed and gave me a son. I looked forward to motherhood julia tourianski bitcoin I hit puberty. But this feeling was not met with consensus. Half the females I’d speak to would say “I don’t want kids.

Brain scans, controlled studies, evolutionary psychology, and anthropology demonstrate that men and women are not the same! We input, process and deliver information differently. We evolved with different priorities, and we are marinated in different combinations of hormones. The youth wing of the Swedish Liberal party is proposing to legalize ‘male abortion’ up to the 18th week of pregnancy. What this means is, a man can sign away all parental rights and responsibilities during the time frame in which a female can legally terminate a pregnancy. Last year I wrote a piece called “Bitcoin is Not a Honey Badger,” where I critiqued the notion that Bitcoin is impossible to kill.

I used the analogy of a forest and broke down “being a Bitcoiner” into five stages. Since some contradict each other in parenting style, I suggest picking 2 complimentary suggestions and focusing your efforts. Make your baby a light sleeper. Can’t one become the opposite sex by changing their hormones? Don’t we all start out as girls in the womb? Some notes before you watch the video: Using the word “gender” or “transgender is not valuable in this context. Here is why:  Gender is the social performance of one’s biological sex.

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