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PC, MAC, XBOX, Playstation, Smart-Mercadopago bitcoin value, Settop-Boxes and many more devices. MLB, CBC Television, MLS, wb. What can i do with it? SmartDNS is relatively new and somewhat similar to VPN technology, in that it allows users to bypass geographically restricted content online.

In particular, it is widely utilised to circumvent regional restrictions on streaming video and media services, such as Netflix, Youtube, Amazon Instant Video and Hulu. As a consequence, websites which restrict their content to US citizens only will become available. The same process can be used to access content in other parts of the world. The technology is easy to configure and works automatically on supported services, meaning that other internet browsing is completely unaffected.

One of the major plus points of SmartDNS technology is its range of compatibility. Due to the fact that no software is required and all that is needed is for DNS settings to be altered, SmartDNS services are available on the vast majority of different devices and operating systems. Additionally, many wireless routers can be setup to use SmartDNS, meaning that all connected devices will benefit. Nonetheless, users are advised to check with individual SmartDNS providers to make sure that the device they wish to use is supported. Many SmartDNS products on the market also offer free trials, which are ideal for testing if your particular devices work with the technology. You can find Setup Tutorials for most Devices and Smart DNS Providers on our device-specific comparisons.

With SmartDNS, only traffic to a supported website or service is re-routed and other browsing is unaffected. Therefore, users are advised to check with an individual SmartDNS provider to make sure that the service they want to use is supported. Moreover, some SmartDNS providers offer support for social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. The question of whether to use SmartDNS or VPN products is not straightforward, because both have their advantages and disadvantages and both are suited for different types of use. It is also worth noting that SmartDNS only works on supported websites, so if the website you wish to use is not supported, VPN is the only option. SmartDNS does not come with the same security features, so if you are looking for added security, use VPN.

VPNs are again the best option. Especially for filesharers who use bittorrent or similar systems to download files, privacy is vital. However, if you are planning on using the service for streaming video content or music content, with no major security concerns, SmartDNS technology is the better option. This is because the technology is geared towards this kind of usage, it is cheaper, and SmartDNS is not affected by the same sort of speed issues which can plague VPNs. TV, HBO GO, Canadian Region, Danish Region, WWE Network, CMT, Yahoo Screen, Beats Music, Global TV, VEVO, Viaplay Sverige, CNBC, Oxygen TV, TV 3 Ireland, Dutch Region, Showtime, HGTV, ABC, TV.

Unlocator offers a Smart DNS service which is ideal for unlocking blocked websites. The company offers a 7-day trial service which is completely free of charge so customers can check out the service fully prior to signing up with plan. Plans are available monthly or can be purchased for six months or a year in advance at slightly discounted prices. All new customers receive the free seven day trial with Unlocator and will find the service offers a speedy way of unblocking media services that are locked into the country of origin.

Hulu, Netflix, ABC, Disney Movies Anywhere, ESPN, Sky and Spotify. Check out their website for the full list of supported services, they are always adding more services to their list of unblocked sites as well. Customers will find most Internet-enabled devices are compatible with the Unlocator system, and a full list of supported devices is provided on their website. The company provide a whole host more tutorials on setting up the Unlocator Smart DNS on their website, so customers should have no problems getting up and running with the service.

Once customers are up and running with Unlocator it’s a simple matter to access restricted websites using the service and the company website provides a comprehensive support section to deal with any problems that could arise, alternatively customer support staff are available via an email ticketing system. The website is regularly updated with Unlocator tweets too, providing information on any problems currently being experienced with the service. Once this Smart DNS service is enabled customers will find they can access the full list of services from anywhere in the world. Expats, frequent travellers and anybody situated in areas where it is impossible to access geo-restricted media channels will find Unlocator gives them the ability to watch the services they want, when they want and view media on Smart TVs as opposed to laptops or mobile devices. Customers wishing to trial out Smart DNS Proxy can sign up for a free 14-day trial prior to buying the plan.

Where customers are located in countries and regions suffering geo-restrictions on popular websites and services the Smart DNSProxy plan provides a way to unblock sites. The company will also look into ways of unblocking sites not showing on their list when customers send in an email request for this. Signing up with Smart DNS Proxy is just a simple matter of filling in a form with email address and creating an account password, the service is then activated for the two weeks free trial, so customers can verify this is the right service for their needs. The service can be downloaded via simple tutorials from the website and works on any computer, iOS, Android, games consoles, set top boxes and televisions. The simple tutorials provide an easy walkthrough of setting up the system. Customers with queries can consult the FAQ section on the website or the company can be contacted by email with questions or for problem solving advice. Satisfied customers will find the company does offer an affiliate programme with a number of benefits and once a customer account is fully activated it is possible to pay monthly in advance, or sign up for longer periods of time for discounted price plan rates.

Certainly this is an ideal service for consumers who travel frequently and want to access favourite television channels and programmes from farflung corners of the world, while people experiencing difficulties accessing popular websites and channels will find unblocking them is simple with Smart DNS Proxy. The service is easy to use and quite simple to install. Consumers based in countries like the UAE and China will find the Smart DNS service from Overplay becomes an essential tool, Smart DNS has some similar features to VPN but users will find the service suffers no loss of speed and gives instant access to blocked websites and services. Where customers need to unblock and stream television services the Smart DNS program from Overplay offers a guaranteed service. New users will find all the popular services are immediately available although less common services may need to be added by Overplay but the company state technical problems adding new sites would not be envisaged.

Once the software is loaded it will automatically kick in after the next reboot of the system. The diagnostic page on the Overplay website allows customers to check to make sure their system is working correctly, if any problems are suspected. Customers can pay for their service with a number of methods, including Paypal and subscriptions are taken out monthly in advance. Smart TVs as opposed to computing devices Smart DNS is really the best service to choose.

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