Open my bitcoin wallet

The world’s first completely open-source Bitcoin ATM for Education and Experimentation. Rivet the two aluminum angles open my bitcoin wallet each side of the faceplate. Drill four holes through the box that exactly align with tapped holes in aluminum angle. Attach barrel plug to back of box.

Tape leads to base of box. Position printer in faceplate and attach using bracket provided. Position bill acceptor and attach using four screws, washers and nuts. Download and install Arduino environment from here. Attach Arduino Uno to computer USB port. Attach SD shield to Arduino Uno.

Cover back of Arduino Uno with insulating tape. Create a few dozen private keys at bitaddress. Convert QR codes to thermal printer format. Sample QR code in thermal printer format:  BTC_4.

Name QR code files sequentially, then copy to root directory of SD card. Using a dark marker, fill in the ovals on the configuration card. Hold the reset button down for at least ten seconds. Acceptor will reject the card. Acceptor will blink rapidly if successfully configured.

Step 9: Watch the Magic! Load up the Bitcoin addresses created in step six, stand back and watch the magic! Not easily able to change it without resetting the whole thing and using new QR codes, right? Neither option requires resetting with new QR codes.

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