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Trading with The Pragcap bitcoin value – a finance blog, of the highest order. 18 years in Wall Street, left after finding out it was all horseshit. How stupid do you feel for selling last week? Frankly, traffic is onerous and prohibitive.

00 per gallon, in order to shuffle more normies onto public transport. 10 per gallon, the roads will be designated for King’s only — a perverse form of auto-mechanic eugenics that expels fuckheads from the road and keep them on the rail. I’m not so sure about that interpretation and seriously raise eyebrows at Mr. Truth is, overbought is simply a condition and is data dependent. In this regard, I can conclusively tell you our overbought triggers are synonymous with heading higher. Sometimes I wonder why most of you don’t drown yourselves inside storm drains. We’ve been doing this shit together for more than a decade.

You’ve seen me talk about seasonality so much over the years, it must be ingrained into your thick skulls. Alas, here we are again, two weeks into the new year, and the lot of you are just catching onto the rally in crude. Here, I’ll remind you again of the seasonality in crude. Take a look at the chart. Airlines are also ripping higher, likely the of a very wealthy America combined with a weakening dollar.

Auto parts stores, investment banks, drug stores, and residential construction all higher, all doing quite well — indicative of an economy in a sweet spot. As batshit crazy as Trump is, the markets love it. Because rates are spiking, REITs and utilities have been dreary losers. If you’re portfolios haven’t done at least that, you should be making adjustments now. My discretionary portfolio is up too much for me to discuss here in this forum. You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.

Heading out into the warmer climes, I expect oil stocks to increase their gains. If you’re not playing heavily burdened oil stocks, you’re simply not a serious man and should relegate yourself to the golf course and not buying and selling equities for profit. Ed Dowd, former iBC blogger and resident of Hawaii, describes what he saw when the alert went out during breakfast. Oahu is 119 miles away from Maui. His opinion on the whole pushing the wrong button excuse.

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