Safebit bitcoin

We have kept on working and never given in to short-sighted temptations to fund it by issuing coins safebit bitcoin tricking investors. Now we have a great platform, great customers and a great team.

We now see a growing interest from the market for concepts we have been thinking about for years, and we think the market will explode. This is just the beginning. The article mentions a startup Safebit that Or has co-founded that do a user-friendly wallet. In June I’ve tried to make something interesting with Bitcoin, particularly with a bitcoin futures exchange I’ve got to coding and got three users testing it, but I didn’t know what to do with it further so I’ve left it. Colored bitcoins is the shit.

Is anyone working on an implementation? Alex meets Iddo Bentov and they discuss Peercoin and proof-of-activity. The worlds first colored-coins implementation. Colored-coins project headed by Alex.

Part of the problem with implementing colored coins, says Mizrahi, is getting developers to work on it. Unlike Bitcoin, a clear path to monetize the colored coin infrastructure hasn’t emerged yet. In the open-source project people talk and register webpages, but not many people help out with the actual coding or funding. Running a low-budget open-source project is frustrating.

Sponsorship of the project is not enough to cover wages. BTW would you be interested in a digital currency startup? Henrik joins the project and starts to improve webcoinx. Alex and Henrik starts to look at commercialization options together.

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