Underclock memory bitcoin mining

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But how well does it mine? This is one of the questions in the mind of many in the enthusiast community whenever a new GPU is launched. Ethereum pricing are any indication. Overclocking methodology was simple – increase temperature and power targets for the Titan V, and then increase memory frequency until a bottleneck was found.

2 of the Claymore Miner – more than double the output of an RX Vega 64 and Titan Xp. Power consumption wasn’t detailed in this test, and the Titan V would almost definitely consume more power than a Titan Xp – the chip is double the size – but when we take into account the fact that its TDP is the same, that it’s built on a 12 nm process against the Titan Xp’s 16 nm, and that it uses HBM2 memory instead of GDDR5X Well, the differences likely aren’t anything to write home about. 70x in the past year I wonder how much legs does the rally have left in it. I think Litecoin has more legs to grow than Ethereum does, simply based on the amount of available supply. Yeah, the only problem with showing the overclocked result is that it doesn’t show the power consumption spike.

That’s not counting the noise levels or that the stock cooler would not be able to maintain those clocks without throttling past 30 minutes. You could buy 5 Vega cards for the price of one Titan V. Lol “Impressive result” still with the lowest ROI. It’ll take you over 1 year to get your money back, assuming you can get one at MSRP, and you don’t count an investment into additional cooling for this already power-hungry beast. I very much doubt anyone would ever be stupid enough to buy one for mining. 2300 more, which means in theory it would take about four years to repay the difference in purchase cost, and I say in theory as that will never happen due to decreasing rewards over time.

Well , miners are definitely not picking them up. Unlike the original Titan X Pascal , it hasn’t gone out of stock instantly upon launch. And I would bet that that in addition to that there are also less cards available. 150w over stock, so overclocking isn’t an good option for miners.

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