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Torrent Search, Torrent Download – Seedpeer. Apparently it all comes down to the fact that The Pirate Bay has a . Masnick, the current version of the SOPA bill working its way through congress excludes American domestic domains from being the target of takedown notices from copyright holders. TLD run by an American registry — and sure enough, . Public Interest Registry, a US non-profit based in Virginia. Torlock was created with one thing in mind THE USER. For too long we saw good sites go bad with all the fake stuff out there.

We know how annoying it is for a user to go through all the fake torrents in order to find the real ones, so we decided to provide theuser with a “clean” experience. When downloading from Torlock you know that you are downloading the real thing. We spent hundreds of hours developing a program that will remove all the fake torrents and only list all the verified stuff. We also pride ourselves in providing the latest releases as soon as they are released. The Pirate Bay is the most-used File Sharing site on the World Wide Web. It was founded in Sweden in 2003.

In 2009, the website’s founders were found guilty in Sweden for facilitating illegal downloading of copyrighted material. 110 million reimbursement for damages and the site’s closure that followed on October 21, 2013. By the end of October, 2013 two sites with content presumably mirrored from isohunt. One of them — isohunt. They typically contain multiple torrent files and an index of those files.

In a typical scenario, a user would enter such a site and browse or search for the content they desire, based on the torrent descriptions posted at the site by other users. If a torrent with the sought content is found, the user could download that torrent. Trackers, Descargas, Musica, Blogs, Streaming Service. Download magazines free – Magazines Commumity!

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